San Leone Society of Cleveland

The Life of San Leone

S. Leone, was called “The Miracle Worker” because of the countless miracles attributed to him. He was born in Ravenna about the year 720. He spent his childhood and youth between the most serious studies and the pursuit of Christian virtue.

He was ordained a priest at 23 years of age and became responsible for the metropolitan clergy for the bishop of Ravenna. He was not able to endure the demonstrations of esteem and reverence that his people bestowed upon him, so one night he evaded their vigil and ran away to Reggio Calabria so he could rest in silence and solitude. But Cyril, Bishop of Reggio, sensing the sanctity the young priest, elevated him with dignity to the position of Archdeacon.

The fame of his virtue spread quickly throughout Calabria and Sicily. At the death of San Sabino, the catanesi elected him as Bishop of the Archdiocese, and when the confirmation came from Rome, was consecrated. San Leone immediately immersed himself in the reform of the ecclesiastic, the conversion of sinners and the eradication of the last remains paganism.

He died in Catania on February 20 in the year 786. February 20th is his feast day

His Second Feast Day

To thank San Leone for having saved the town of Longi from a landslide on 15 March 1851, the people celebrated a second festival in honor of their Holy Protector.

The procession takes place in two stages: in the morning the people walk through the streets of the town center and stop at the Church of the Annunciation.

In the evening they return to the Church of the Annunciation and proceed to the Mother Church, where the chapel of the saint is located.